Sunday 30 June 2019

7 reasons why owning a Brompton is good for you

I can honestly say that owning a Brompton has been nothing but - and continues to be - a positive experience. Lots of my fellow Brompton riders would almost certainly agree and I thought I would give you seven reasons why riding a Brompton is good for you. Here goes. In no particular order:

#1 Health benefits

If you comment to and from work or go out for the add Brompton adventure you are almost certainly going to burn some calories. Do this often enough and you could lose some weight. This will in turn cut your risk of heart disease and cancer. It can also help to strengthen your immune system. There have been reports to suggest cycling can help to give better lung health, which in turn helps reduce incidents of the common cold.

#2 Save time

Having a Brompton can definitely help you to save some time. At its simplest level, if you get the bus, train or tube to work it will cut down on your walk to the station or bus stop. It will also cut back on the waiting around to catch one of these. A simple example of two journeys I have taken might illustrate this best.

Non-Brompton journey - Walk to the bus stop. Wait for a bus. Get on the bus, Walk to destination.

Brompton journey - Unfold. Cycle. Fold. Take your bike with you to your destination.

#3 Better mental health

Cycling to work had allowed me to process ideas and concerns. Cycling from work to home has given me the chance to unwind and pack the day at work away by the time I reach home. It is of course a physical activity and doing do releases adrenalin and endorphins that would otherwise not be. All have been linked to boosting your mental health. Being quite often a social activity, riding your Brompton can increase your circle of friends. This certainly helps with your mental wellbeing and work life balance.

#4 Muscle

Cycling your Brompton over time builds muscle. Muscle is leaner than fat and more muscle results in more calories being burnt.

#5 Sleep

It might be fairly obvious that cycling on you Brompton for a good few miles will tire you out a little and help you sleep that bit better.

#6 Friends

Cycling on your Brompton can be a solitary activity but it can also become a much more social one. I have gained several friends purely and simply from owning a Brompton and joining a group ride.

#7 Save money

A Brompton is not inexpensive and many might gawp at its cost. However with a cycle to work scheme or with Brompton now offering 0% finance the cost can be spread a little thinner. If you replace your regular commute with a Brompton, it won't take too long before all those savings on fares will pay for the Brompton and you might benefit from all of the above.

There you have it. My top 7 reasons why owning a Brompton might be good for you.

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