Saturday 12 October 2013

The Nightrider London 2014

I decided to enter the Nightrider London 2014 a few days ago when registration opened for this event next year.

I did this event last year after competing in the IG London Nocturne. It was quite a day of cycling believe me. Being a glutton for punishment I will almost certainly be doing the same in 2014 as both events are on the same day...epic!!

The Nighterider London is a charity cycling ride where you are one of 4000+ people. You can start at Alexandra Palace in North London or Crystal Palace in South London. I am starting at Alexandra Palace at midnight. The route is a little over 60 miles and if it is anything like last year, more than a few hills. It will be quite demanding but the spirit of participants keeps you going. 

This year I have decided to try and earn as much money as I can for my chosen charity, Breast Cancer Care. This is a brilliant charity and does a huge amount of work in this field. It is also a charity close to my heart as my mum was diagnosed with breast cancer more than 20 years ago.

I was only a few weeks at university when the devastating news came through. After going through an operation and chemotherapy my mum was given the all clear. Almost exactly 10 years later it had come back. Another series of operations and treatment and thankfully my mum has been in remission since.

I do not have a particular amount in mind to raise and would simply like to try for as much as I can. I was going to simply ask family and friends but thought I might be able to raise a little more if I opened it up to the world as it were.

Even though the event I am raising money for is the Nightrider London 2014, I will of course be cycling on lots of other rides building up to it. I sort of count them as being part of this in many ways.

Please do not feel I am asking anyone reading my blog for a donation - I'm not. It is quite simply up to you. A few £'s, €'s or a couple of $'s would be great but if it is not for you that it perfectly fine.

The link to my Virgin Money Giving page can be found below. The reason I chose them is that ALL donations go to my chosen charity.

The link to my Virgin Money Giving Page

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