Wednesday 30 October 2013

Cute Maine Coon Cat - Brompton Fan

The picture below is of one of our three Maine Coon cats. He is a half brother to the other two and is coming up to a year old in a few days time. His name is Barmy and believe me it is a very fitting name!

This was taken by me going down the stairs, with Barmy on the landing stair rail. He was not pleased that I had stopped giving him attention and wanting more, tapped me on the shoulder as I went past. Naturally I had to oblige.

Of our three cats it seems that Barmy is more than a little curious about my Brompton bikes. When I am cleaning them, he sits with me watching what I am doing. Occasionally it something small and of interest is within paws reach, it becomes his toy.

When I leave for work Barmy is sitting in his favourite spot, looking out of the front window and somehow always seems to know when I am home as he is there again. As soon as I come inside however he runs to head butt my Brompton - claiming it as his?!

Maine Coons are wonderful cats and Barmy has a few more years before he reaches his full size and his full coat comes out. This is a worry as he is already almost the size of his two brothers and gigantic compared to even the biggest Tom cats.

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  1. Very good looking kitty. I have always enjoyed having pets, so I am pleased to see you have fine taste in life as well, Mr. O.

    Peace :)


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