Thursday 3 October 2013

New Rear Light for my Brompton Bikes

I have been looking to get a fairly inexpensive but bright rear light for night rides and a British Winter that approached as a pace. I have had a few CatEye rear lights but haven't really thought them to be that good. Two just stopped working and the only one I have left seems at the moment okay. The Knogg rear USB chargeable light seems to near bulletproof and has already undergone harsh conditions.

A few friends at work recommended a rear light called the 'MetroFlash.' I bought mine from Amazon for £11.99 although the price does vary somewhat depending on where you shop. (In fact as I write this the price on Amazon has risen to £14.99). At £11.99 you might think the light to be cheap and cheerful.  As far as I can tell they are not.

In the pack you get the light itself, a very good mounting bracket and a couple of AAA batteries. The spec is impressive:

  • Bulb: 2 red 0.5W Nichia LEDs
  • Light modes: Flashing / Constant / Chasing
  • Runtime: Flashing: Up to 21 hours / Constant: Up to 4 hours / Chasing: Up to 124 hours
  • Size: 70 x 32 x 36.4mm (fits seat post 25 to 32mm)
  • Weight: 60g
  • Bracket: RB04 and 2 rubber strips
  • Water resistant: Yes 

The light itself looks solid and well made - perhaps better than my CatEye rear lights. The on/off switch that turns the light on and cycles through the various modes is very sensitive. You wouldn't want to just throw the light into a pocket, bag or backpack as it would almost certainly turn itself on. I personally don't feel it is a big issue as it will be firmly attached to a seat post or bag fastening.

The light has a clip that one simply inserts into the bracket mount or straight on to a belt, bag loop or even clothing. Replacing the batteries is a painless process and the innards betray good a good seal against water and again appear to be of higher than expected quality for the price.

As far as the bracket is concerned once engaged there is a reassuring 'click' and it is locked in place. Removing the light from the bracket is an easy process and again a great deal better than my CatEye offerings.

As far as the actual light is concerned, in any of the modes it is a very bright light. It is highly visible from several angles and can be seen from a considerable distance. It also comes with a lifetime warranty against defects from MetroFlash.

For £11.99 you cannot really go wrong. I used the light this morning and got caught in the rain and its waterproofing was as advertised. I imagine this light will get some heavy use during the winter and on the many night rides I have planned. Based on it build quality and initial impressions, I would have to say that come this time next year it will almost certainly be still going strong.

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  1. Good tip - and I'm convinced by the pictures of your metro falsh in Bumblebee's blog. Mine is now ordered and should be with me next week, along with the Cree.

    Cheesr, John


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