Friday 4 October 2013

Brompton Biker Builder

One of the great things about buying a new Brompton is that you have two choices. You can go into any shop that sells them and buy one there and then or you can order a bespoke Brompton which may be a particular colour or configuration. If you check out the Brompton website you will discover a new tool that allows you investigate exactly what you might want to get.

It is called the 'Brompton Builder.' I first saw this back in January at the Bike Show where I was competing in the Nocturne. Using it you can choose from the copious options available such as colour, gearing, seat, seat post height to name but a few. In addition to actually seeing what your ideal Brompton will look like, you also have details of its price and weight. All very clever.

If you head over to the Brompton website you can have a go and see all the different types of Orange Brompton you can buy! Well worth doing!

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  1. Well worth it. Used this to see what my bike (P6R) would look like before ordering. Being in the antipodes I expected a Christmas delivery but got it a week ago and loving it.


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