Wednesday 16 October 2013

Garmin Edge 810 here to stay!

A few months ago Garmin Uk kindly allowed me to test out their Edge 810. In short I loved it but there was always going to be a bitter taste in the mouth when I had to send it back. There was almost a tear in my eye when I was standing in line at the post office.

I ended up buying an Edge 510 and loved that too as it is quite brilliant. I had convinced myself that I didn't need a navigating version. I had convinced myself that I simply didn't have the confidence to navigate using an 810. Well a few months on I have changed my mind and I will tell you why.

There have been more times that I care to mention where I have got hopelessly lost. I have actually been late for rides not because I couldn't be bothered to get up on time or leave things to the last minute, but because I have made a wrong turn. You get the idea.

I had thought that my iPhone would come to my rescue but trying to cycle and hold an iPhone isn't something I would suggest. Recent attempts to navigate using one have ended in disaster. The final straw when I knew I had to get a mapping unit was when I ended up at Paddington and merely had to get to the Edgware Road. The route I took was in a word astonishing!

A similar thing happened when I arrived at Victoria, only a stones throw from South Kensington - an area I do know very well - where I again was lost for a few moments.

I am pretty certain that I do not have the confidence to lead a ride yet and be the person who is at the front navigating. I write yet, as it is something I aspire to and hope that one day I can. My Brompton friends Mark and in particular David have organised lots of rides and I sometimes feel it isn't fair for them to do all the navigating.  

At the moment my Brompton friends might shudder at the prospect of me navigating them to any location and probably wouldn't let me, however it is something I will one day do. 

I can hear you ask, why the Edge 810 and not the 800 or the new Touring or Touring Plus? For me the answer is easy:
  • The 810 has the Live Tracking feature which allows others to share your ride more or less in real time. My daughters have loved looking at where I am on a big ride on their iPad.
  • I like the ability to link the 810 to my iPhone. This allows me to download rides straight to the excellent Garmin Connect website. By the time I get home this has already been done.
  • The interface of the 810 is a little more polished than the 800.
  • The battery life is slightly better.
  • Slightly faster when routing and locking on to satellites. 
  • Ability to add cadence sensors and heart monitor (can also do on 800, 510 and Touring Plus).
If truth be told there isn't a great deal in it. The 800 is a great bit of kit but having had the 510 for a number of months with all of these features I would have missed them in a navigating unit.

So, I put my money where my mouth was and bought the 810 for myself. I don't regret it. I know that it will be attached to whichever Orange Brompton I decide to take out with me and will more than earn its keep!

Link to my Garmin Edge 510 / 810 review

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  1. Mr. O:
    The 810 looks snazzy. I still use my 750, which works great.
    One other downside of routing with with the iPhone is its battery life.
    It drains so fast, especially when you navigate.

    Enjoy your new toy!

    Peace :)


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