Wednesday 30 October 2013

Carradice Super C Audax

Many of you our there reading this blog will already know that I have a number of cycling related bags. Today I took ownership of another and hopefully my last - the Carradice 'Super C Audax.'

The list of bags I own is as follows:

Brompton C bag - used virtually every day on my commute as I have to cart to and from work lots of files and books

Brompton S bag - used on the days when I know I can get away with a small capacity
Carradice Roll Bag - an excellent little saddle bag that is fully waterproof and fits a surprisingly large amount in its 2 litre capacity

Carradice Barley saddlebag - A lovely saddlebag that I no longer have. I sold this bag for two reasons. First I just didn't use it enough. Second, I didn't use it enough as I found the buckle straps took me too long to open and close

Specialised saddle wedge - a brilliant little two tear saddle bag that is really big enough for your tool kit, spare tyres and a few other small items

Ortlieb 11 litre waterproof backpack - this is truly the best backpack I have owned. When they say waterproof they really do mean it. It is small but holds a great deal and is very comfortable when riding

So why buy the Super G Audax? There are some very good reasons. The main one is that even on longer rides there is now no way I'd take the Brompton C or S bag with me. I can remember the days when I set off with literally the kitchen sink carried in those bags. Travelling light was packing out the S bag! Over time I have got to the point where I take only what is needed, trying to be a minimalist as possible.

The Ortlieb is a great backpack in its own right and having total confidence in its waterproof claims has made it the bag I have taken with me on all my recent longer distance rides. Unfortunately it has also been eyed up by my eldest daughter!

Number one daughter walks to school every day and is quite an active girl anyway. She often uses a tablet paired to a bluetooth keyboard to do her schoolwork. Despite me providing one of my bright orange dry bags, the appeal of the Ortlieb has been too great. Possession has been transferred and I am no longer allowed to use it!

They are that good I did consider just getting another but they are quite expensive. I then thought about my friend Mark (King of the Hill) who has sworn by his Super C Aduax since buying it. The fact it has quick release buckles and like the Carradice Barley (that I sold) holds a huge amount, it was an easy decision. In addition to this I was able to get one at a great price.

The Carradice Super C Audax has the following features:

  • Capacity 9 litres
  • Weight 610 grams
  • Dimensions of 28cm wide x 16cm heigh x 15cm deep
  • Two external pockets with storm flaps and quick release buckles
  • Two white, reflective strips on the two side pockets
  • Internal organiser with zipped pocket
  • Loop for a rear light
  • D rings on the lid to attach extra loads as and when required
  • Quick release buckles for the main lid
  • Made out of cotton duck - an amazing material that is waterproof

The Super C Audax - great space and fully waterproof

Heavy duty, quick release buckles

Reflective strips

D rings to attach other items if needed

Internal organiser - zipped pocket and two compartments

The bag can be attached to the saddle loops or the saddle rails by the leather straps supplied. A third step can be used to secure the bag to the seat post stem. (The leather straps are also heavy duty).

I suppose it will allow the bike to take the weight again but I will miss the Ortlieb. The Carradice Super C Audax is definitely the only choice I could have made and I am sure it will serve me well on all the adventures planned for the remainder of 2013 and beyond.


  1. I must admit that I also find the buckles on the Barley a little frustrating. But, I have stuck with it on my M6L.

    Thanks for the thorough review of this bag. It looks great!

  2. Very classy, Mr. O.
    Enjoy your new accessory!
    Paz :)


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