Tuesday 15 October 2013

Hope Vision 1 Front Light Replaced

A few weeks ago after the incredibly wet London to Southend ride I took the batteries out my my Hope Vision 1 front light in order to charge them and unfortunately discovered some water on the inside! There wasn't a huge amount but as I had not taken the batteries out for a few days as I was using the light on my commute, there was a small amount of corrosion on a couple of the batteries.

I had bought the light with batteries and charger from Wiggle and emailed them to ask what I should do. They replied that I should return it to them. A few days later another email informed that they had sent it back to Hope for them to have a look at.

Unfortunately, it seems that there was some initial confusion of the whereabouts of the package Hope had sent back to Wiggle but after a few hours it was located and sent out to me. I received a replacement light, charger and new batteries. All pretty impressive.

As for the Hope Vision 1, I can say that I still hold it in very high regard. It is an excellent light and many friends and other cyclists have one and have encountered no problems whatsoever. It would seem that my particular light may have had a weak seal perhaps? I have to say that Wiggle were pretty good as they refunded my postage costs for returning the light to them. Hope are well known for looking after their customers and a replacement light was a bonus.

I was forced to use my old CatEye light, which although pretty good, is feeble in all regards compared against the Hope Vision 1. The Cree I recently bought may be brighter but I still have a lot more faith in my Hope Vision 1.

An old friend returns!


  1. Mr. O:
    I can't tell the exact dimensions from the picture, but it reminds me of my Dinotti light. What type of batteries does this one use?
    Peace :)


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