Thursday 17 October 2013

Don't cleat on about it.

After my Box Hill debacle where my chain snapped and I didn't have so much as a Swiss Army Penknife with one of those things you can take stones out of a horses hoof, I made it my business to be prepared!

My first purchase was a smaller and more portable chain splitter which now quite happily sits in my saddle bag. It then struck me that one of my Brompton friends Geoff had a mishap with one of his cleats. The screw to one of the them had sheared off resulting in him being unable to clip in on one side.

After speaking to a few roadie types, the conversation turned to things they always take with them on longer rides. One of the items they mentioned was a pair of cleats just in case. A few tutted and said that this wasn't necessary but when taken out the the packet they come in, take up very little space. They can certainly be easily carried.

The cleats for my Shimano pedals are the fairly standard SM-SH51 and I was able to get them for well under £10 via the online cycle shop that is 'Wiggle.' They had them on offer so I thought I'd get a spare set.

Tomorrow I will be cycling from London to Whitstable overnight and along with my chain splitter, these are coming with me. I hope that there is nothing else I need to carry with me!!

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