Friday 13 August 2021

World Naked Bike Ride London

The World Naked Bike Ride London kicks off this Saturday. Have no fear dear reader, despite writing a blog post about it, I won’t be attending!

A few years ago on my way to another ride, a semi naked and fully naked peloton crossed my path and believe me it was a sight I would not forget. 

I knew that there was going to be trouble ahead as a sizeable number of people were lining the street watching, I suspect for titillation. Once the peloton of the WNBR went past, it was clear to see that some people’s titillations were bigger than others!

My first thought was, my eyes! People from all walks of life cycled past at varying speeds on all manner of bicycle. It was not a particularly pleasant sight to see people with things bouncing around like a couple of ping pong balls. One older gentleman had ‘Jack WNBR’ written on his lower back/upper buttocks in red lipstick. I suppose I should have admired his pluck. He certainly had balls. 

The final straw was seeing a Brompton with its naked rider obviously being unable to get comfortable on their Brooks B17 saddle!

So, if you are in London this Saturday afternoon near Clapham Junction, you may see more than you bargained for. 

Stay safe out there people.

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