Sunday 8 August 2021

Rain in London on a Brompton

If you have read my blog post for a while you will know that rain is not something that bothers me. When my mum was alive, she was famed for venturing out to her various haunts in SW7 (usually dragging my dad with her) if it were raining. She took the view that rain should not stop anything you had planned to do and that things could always be adapted if needed. This definitely rubbed off on me and I don't mind the rain either. (I have almost certainly conditioned my two Orangettes to hold the same view). This has all been put to the test of late with some truly horrid weather. 

Going out on my Orange, Black Special Edition Brompton this morning for a quick errand, it rained. Then it rained some more. After that it rained quite a bit more. As I type this entry it is raining and the forecast predicts more to come. 

When I was pedalling on my Brompton, three things came to mind. The first was that I would have to give my Brompton a good clean later on. Second, I really did need a better rain jacket than the boil in the bag £9.99 one I was wearing. Last, that line in the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' replayed in my head over and over again in time to my pedal strokes. 'Water, water, every where...' In addition to this, and perhaps more disturbing that I knew the words, in my head came certain words by, Milli Vanilli. 'Blame it in on the rain that was falling, falling..'

Once home I was handed a mug of tea by Mrs Orange who remarked on my perfect timing. Is it just me, but after being out in a rain a cup of tea tastes that bit better?!

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. There is nothing ... nothing in the world as nice as a cup of hot steaming tea when you've come in from the cold. Nectar of the Gods ...


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