Tuesday 10 August 2021

I visit IKEA all because of a Brompton!

I cannot tell you when I last visited IKEA. I have perhaps only ever stepped foot in the place twice and that was to get a Dimpa bag. Yesterday I paid them another visit. 

I know lots of people love IKEA, its furniture and the general vibe but sadly I am not one of them. If I could navigate my way quickly around it that might help. Mrs Orange point blank refused to accompany me, choosing to sit in the car and wait it out reading a book. So it was that like a character in one of those fairy tales where they have to negotiate strange and dangerous land, I tried to find the right path to a 'Kallax' shelving unit - two of them in fact. 

Eventually I found what I was looking for, bought them and headed out. Finding where I had parked was another story altogether. I had Mrs Orange ringing me in hysterics as she saw me going the wring way and tried to guide me to where the car was!

Thankfully assembling the Kallax units was easy and they were both ready quite quickly. I decided to buy two separate units as I may well move things around at a later date. 

They look really good and I have my Orange Titanium and Cloud Blue sitting quite happily in each with my Orange, Black Special Edition sitting where it usually does, on top of an exiting unit. It has made things a great deal neater in my study - where my Brompton bikes usually stay - and I like the general look of it. The really good thing is that even with an extended seat post, the bikes fit in perfectly. 

I am very late to the Kallax party and know lots of Brompton peeps who have had them for years. I think that two of them work rather well and I do have the option of getting a third - if I can brave going to IKEA again. 

If you have one or more of these, please send me a photo. 

Stay safe out there people!


  1. Like you, I've only ever visited Ikea for a Dimpna bag! Maybe, maybe I should go again to my nearest one in Milton Keynes!

  2. Very good story and excellent use of Kallax.
    Email sent, as requested, showing our use of the IKEA Kallax units for our Bromptons and associated paraphernalia!
    We did not visit, but ordered ours on line to avoid the place that must be avoided, ar all costs… 🥴

  3. Please if you could kindly share the exact name of this Kallax pls or dimension, we dont have ikea near us would probably order it online! It was a lovely idea of yours thanks for sharing xx

    1. Hello there. You'd need to get the 77x77cm but just make up the frame and not use the internal shelves.


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