Wednesday 11 August 2021

27 mile round trip when selling a Brompton bag

Yesterday afternoon I went to meet Chris outside Paddington station as I was dropping off a Brompton front bag that was surplus to requirements for me. 

With the prospect of drier weather, I decided to pay a visit to a few friends on the way and some of my journey took me on the Grand Union Canal. Normally I am not the biggest fan of the narrow and often rather busy canal paths but today was alright as there weren't too many people about. 

Nice and clear

As always I used my trusty Wahoo to navigate my way there but in truth I knew my way there quite well. I suppose it recorded the ride. The one thing I did see in abundance on the couple of miles of canal towpath I cycled on was...rats. I saw five of them at different stages and I am not a fan. 

7x miles to go

I made it the Paddington Station in good time and gave Chris his bag. After chewing the fat for a short time we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. 

Somewhere near Paddington - I think

In all I cycled just over 27 miles and it was great to be out on the Brompton again without it raining or having the chance that it might rain at any given moment. 

Stay safe out there people!!

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