Saturday 28 August 2021

The partners in crime ride once again!

This morning I was up bright and early to meet my partner in crime, Andrew. The last time we saw each other was at the LBC birthday bash at Brompton Junction and the time before that...ages ago. The date/time was set and today I made my way to the 08:30 start point at the London Eye.

I started in St John's Wood. Some of the posh houses there have their own security staff and despite seeing me quite regularly, they eyed me with suspicion? Perhaps it was due to me being on my Cloud Blue Brompton instead of my usual Orange? The journey from there to the London Eye was just over 5 miles and took me almost 23 minutes at a fairly casual pace. 

London didn't seem too busy for a Saturday morning for once but there were lots and lots of police officers about, possibly due to the protests.

While waiting for Andrew I did the typical Brompton owner thing of taking a few photos of their bike with London as a backdrop! Not long after taking the photo below, Andrew arrived. 

The start near the London Eye

It was a little like old times almost straight away. We cycled east, chatted, caught up with each other and what we had been doing and stopped every so take photos of our Brompton bikes!

Back together again

When we reached Canary Wharf we found a popular coffee establishment at which I had a tea and Andrew a hot chocolate - so wasted on us. With our drinks and snacks finished we headed off again. 

Just like old times, we got lost! I could blame the road closures for this but I can't. Eventually we found our way back. Andrew pointed out that we had in fact returned to the same spot and had cycled around in a very large circle. I was hoping that he would not notice!

The route back

We reached Tower Bridge and heading across it we cycled back towards Hyde Park Corner. I let the Wahoo plot the route and it always seems to take you the more scenic and quieter route, which I really like. Once at St James's Park we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. When I completed my ride I had cycled just over 19 miles, so just over 24 miles in total. 

It was lovely seeing my partner in crime again. It is strange to think that this friendship started - like so many - because of a folding bicycle! I am sure that there will be more adventures for us to come.

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!


  1. Hey Mate. Greetings from Argentina. I was thinking about getting the brompfication seatpost. What happened with yours?

    1. I sold it. Nothing of course wrong with it but just preferred keeping things original in the end.

    2. Do you think that it's worth it? I mean, in the long term run, I think it may be dangerous

  2. How long you keep it? I'm going to get one, but I'm scared about the safeness and durability

    1. No issues about durability or being unsafe. I still ride regularly with the person I sold it to and they have had no problems with it.


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