Saturday 1 March 2014

New pair of cycling shoes

Buying a pair of SDP pedals and a pair of cycling shoes was a steep learning curve but in truth didn't really take that long. Ever since I abandoned normal pedals for good, clipping in and out has become second nature and I would not like to go back to them. My trusty DHB mountain bike cycling shoes have been through some very tough rides however the time has come to replace them.

The DHB shoes I bought last year were at the budget end of the market. To be honest, I didn't really want to pay a fortune for them and they have served me well. In the several months I have owned them they have been drenched in cycle rides overnight and gone through an astonishingly wet British winter. They have walked through mud, water and over pebble beaches. Despite my best efforts they stink to high heaven and a work colleague upon entering my office, enquired whether something had crawled into said office and died!

I have been looking for a replacement for a few weeks but didn't have too much luck. SDP cycling shoes seem very expensive. Luckily I spotted an offer on Evans Cycles online store for a pair of, Specialized Sport MTB Shoes.

I have seen these on sale for £75 and the offer price of £44.99 including postage and packing was too good to refuse. I placed and order and received my new pair of cycling shoes very promptly.

I have to say that as much as I like my DHB cycling shoes, this new pair are a great deal better. They not only look better, they are more comfortable and a great deal lighter. Added to this the fact that at this price they seem like a bargain. There is of course a newer version of this particular shoe, which may account for it being discounted but I am not really concerned by that.

They have the standard 2-bolt SPD-style cleat pattern making them compatible with a wide range of pedals. The sole is rated as being 5.0 on the stiffness index. This is plenty enough for me and still allows enough play for walking.

Little details like reflective strips make these good for all those night rides I have planned to participate in.

The upper has mesh vent panels to aid breathability and the the 3-strap velcro closure provides a comfy fit.

I have to say I am rather pleased with them and even more pleased at the price. It would seem that I bought at just the right time as I have noticed that my size is no longer available.

The plan is to continue using my old DHB shoes for the moment and certainly until the weather gets better. I will also revert to using my older shoes when on longer rides if there is a high chance of rain.

I have posted a link below to my original post about going clipped in where you will be able to see pictures of my old DHB cycling shoes.

I finally go clipped in

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