Wednesday 19 March 2014

Tiller Cycles Bespoke Chain Guards

Customising my Brompton is not really something that I am in to. I take the view that the Brompton is good enough on its own and needs little to make it better. However, ever now and then a product comes along that makes me pause for thought.

For those of you with a pre 2013 Brompton you will know that the plastic chain guard is not that good. They can be knocked off easily and in the past I have completely lost one as it must have come off while cycling.  A great little company called 'Tiller Cycles' has produced steel or powder coated aluminium chain guards in a variety of colours for pre 2013 Brompton bicycles.

I own two Brompton bicycles but both have the new spider chain wheel and until recently there was nothing out there for them. It has to be said the guard on the 2013 chain wheel is much improved and less likely to come off but 'Tiller Cycles' now stock their steel or powder coated aluminium chain guards for the spider chain wheel!

"Tiller Cycles' stock these in a variety of colours but there could of course only be one colour for me. My chain guard arrived very quickly and I was instantly struck by how good the orange matched that of my two Brompton bikes.

It had to be Orange!

In addition to the good colour match was the fact that it looked and felt a quality and well made product. The chain guard has been laser cut, powder coated and the finishing is excellent. There are not rough edges or poorly applied paint.


My chain wheel is a 50T but Tiller Cycles also produce them in the other Brompton sizes of 44T and 54T. In terms of weight you aren't going to notice any real difference to the plastic chain guard - they are about the same.

Also enclosed in the pack was full instructions. These were thorough and easy to read and clearly explain exactly what you have to do in order to fit your new chain guard.

Also included are four new bolts, four spacers and a small tool that allows you to tighten the bolts. (This was great to have as previously when swopping my 50T for a 54T I used a screwdriver). Fitting the new chain guard took less than five minutes and was painless.

With the new chain guard on I have to say I am very pleased. To my eyes it looks stunning and is an elegant addition. The great thing about these chain guards is the range of colours Tiller Cycles produces. If you have a thing for a particular colour, you can get pretty much something to match the current Brompton colour range. Of course you can mix and match as well.

In case you are wondering there are no pedals as I was swopping them over on my other Brompton

Okay the big question - how much do they cost?

  • UK  including postage and packing £21.94
  • EU including postage and packing £32.44
  • Rest of the world including postage and packing £35.94

For what you get this is a bargain! I have to say that 'Tiller Cycle' were happy for me to review this chain guard as freely and honestly as I found it whether that be good or bad. Handling it and having it attached to my Brompton I understand their confidence. It is a brilliant product and I doubt you'd be disappointed.

The many colours you can buy

I have posted a link to their website below where you can view their Brompton products. They actually sell a great deal more than just the chain guards, so have a look.

Link to Tiller Cycles Website


  1. Thanks for the review. Your website really supports a London product and helps protects jobs so needed in West London.

    1. Very kind. Brompton are a great company. They don't really need me at all but I try to do my bit.

  2. Must agree it looks stunning.....must have one!

  3. Nice! I'm gonna have to take at look at one for me!

  4. No apple green thats the end of that for me. Unless they read this and start doing them.....hint...hint

  5. Thank you for this review. I bought one (black) and I'm very happy with it; looks great. Superb quality.


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