Friday 7 March 2014

18th Century Dandy on Brompton

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post in which I recalled my going to work as a Roman Emporer. It was certainly an interesting experience. However, this week and on many levels I surpassed this! I went to work as an 18 Century Dandy. 

I will not go into any detail about why I went to work as an 18th Century Dandy but did. As I unfolded my Brompton some of my neighbours looked on with a mixture of embarrassment, sniggering and in one case fear. It must have been quite a sight seeing a tall chap in a white court wig, pink knickerbockers with white lace and a great coat of pink, gold and lace. The white stockings (old rugby socks) and shoes with buckles completed an ensemble. 

Setting off my by beloved Original Orange Brompton I can honestly say that nothing in life prepared we for what I was about to experience. British readers of this blog will perhaps best imagine my appearance if I mention 'Carry on Don't Lose Your Head.' My wardrobe was very much in the camp of Sid James' character Sir Rodney Ffing. Camp being the operative word. 

Schoolchildren of secondary school age were so shocked by what they saw that many froze and didn't have time to reach for their smartphones to take a photograph to prove to others what they had seen. 

A white van man purposefully opened his window and wolf whistled. I was initially flattered but felt a little cheap and dirty a few hundred yards later. 

Car drivers seemed to be more courteous, giving way at every opportunity. Normally I am a hi-vis wearer and although I cannot recommend you cycle to work as an 18th Century Dandy, doing so would probably be as interesting experience for you as it was for me!


  1. It looks as if your attire gorgeously complemented your orange Brompton. No doubt this will inspire others.

  2. As always when riding a bike the more visible the better. If we all dressed up as18th century dandies maybe cars would finally start paying attention and the streets would be safer! Thanks for the post- Jack

  3. Mr. Orange, this is too much of a tease! We don't get to see your full regalia?!? I'm with Jack; you could start a trend here, to rival the use of modern high-vis garb!


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