Wednesday 26 March 2014

10 Signs that tell you if you are a Brompton Geek!

To follow are 10 indicators that you might have taken your fondness of your Brompton bicycle to the land of Brompton geek fanboy/fangirl! Displaying a few of these doesn't quite mean you're a fully paid up member of the Brompton geek club but they certainly provide a good idea of the direction you might be heading!

#1 - Fashion

You find yourself buying more and more cycling specific clothing. You might even buy some Lycra. Even worse still you might wear some of these items of clothing to a social event, just because you happened to arrive on your Brompton!

#2 - Cleaning

When you buy a new Brompton you might go through that I cannot possibly allow a speck of dirt on any part of my bicycle. You know you have or are becoming a Brompton geek when you clean your Brompton after it has for example been out in the rain.

#3 - Colour Coordination

It is not only Gok Wan that tries to colour coordinate everything in start to do it as well. You might start off small with subtle touches such as a pair of socks that match the colour of your Brompton. Before you know it the colour of everything from cycling helmet to gloves requires much deliberation.

#4 - Overtaking

You might have taken part in the Brompton World Championships but your daily commute is social Darwinism at its worst. You know you are heading in the direction of Brompton fanboy if you try and overtake as many roadies as possible on your daily commute.

#5 - Online

Spending too long on online cycling / Brompton specific forums if a sure sign all hope is lost!

#6 - Photography

There is nothing wrong with taking a few photos of your prized Brompton...they are mini works of art after all but when you start to place your Brompton in the middle of a famous landmark and take a photo to show where it has been, you surely know you are a Brompton geek.

#7 - Tyre pressure

When you start to pay more attention to the tyre pressure of your Brompton wheels than your car, it is a sure sign Brompton geek boy status is not far behind.

#8 - Get a Brompton

If you find yourself becoming evangelical about Brompton bicycles and tell others they too should get one it is a sign you're a geek. Plain and simple.

#9 - Other Brompton bicycles

If you are going about your daily business and spot another Brompton and then mentally take note of what type of gearing, handlebar and tyres it're a Brompton fan boy!

#10 - Brompton World Championships 

If you spend your entire year 'in training' for THE cycling event of the year you're a Brompton geek.

As I stated at the start of this blog, if one or two applies to you, it doesn't mean you are a Brompton geek. If however several do, then....


  1. I can see all but no. 1 on your list. Lycra on a Brompton? Hmm.... You may do in London but up here in the frozen north (Yorkshire) I've yet to see anyone on a Brommie in lycra, thank heaven :) Of the others I score 6 so I could be in trouble!

  2. Only fail on 6 and 10, looks like im in trouble. Number 6 is starting Monday up on Dartmoor so really not good.

  3. 7 out of 10 for me, J

  4. Tweed is the attire for Brompton not lucrative!


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