Wednesday 26 February 2014

Maine Coon Cat Update

Many of you have asked how our Maine Coon, Barmy has been getting on.

For those of you who had not read a previous blog post he was in a very bad way a fews weeks ago. He had been unable to move his back legs and was dragging himself along and was generally not himself. It was so bad that we took him to the vets for an x-ray to see if there were any broken bones. There weren't any and it all remained a mystery. 

After a few days he was much the same but gradually seemed to improve. I can report that he seems to be back to normal. In other words he is back to being like a caged tiger, up to mischief and getting into all sorts of trouble. He athleticism - which was quite breathtaking - seems to be back to normal.

We are still none the wiser as to what was wrong with him? We just hope that whatever it was will not come back.

So, thank you to everyone who asked about him and how he was getting on. I want to especially thank my American readers who have been extremely helpful in suggestions as to what it might have been. I am very grateful and humbled that you took the time to email me.

I will post a few pictures of Barmy but as he doesn't sit still for long they will almost certainly be blurry!


  1. Great news :-)


  2. Very good to hear this! Thanks for the update on Barmy.

  3. So glad to hear your boy is feeling better! Mack and Lucy, my MC pair, send head butts and cheek rubs to Barmy. (Not stalking you, Brommie.)

  4. Quite a bit late to the table...Barmy is cute, hope he's doing well. If you have not consider it already it might be a Thrombosis Embolism. It a clot which can lodge in the blood supply to the legs or from the abdominal area down. Sometime also known as Saddle Thrombosis. Best of all has been well.

    1. Many thanks. We are still in the dark as to what it was? We really did think that he wouldn't make it as he looked terrible. Thankfully he has been okay since this post as back to his usual self wrecking the place and causing havoc!


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