Saturday 15 February 2014

Ortlieb Brompton Mini O Bag In Orange!!

Regular readers will already know that a few months ago I reviewed a Ortlieb waterproof backpack. To say that this particular backpack was good would be an understatement. Its waterproofing prowess is nothing short of brilliant. (See the link below for this review).

Ortlieb do of course make some bags specifically for the Brompton - the O and the Mini O. Both are excellent. The O bag has been available in orange for some time but the Mini O has sadly not appeared in my favourite colours...until now!

The lovely people at Brompton Junction London posted a picture on their Facebook page titled, 'Fighting the dreary weather outside with some colour.' A lovely sentiment and picture but catching sight of a lone Mini O bag and in orange...aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!

A quick message to Brompton Junction London to confirm that it was indeed for sale and not some sort of practical pleasantry brought childlike excitement. As quickly as I could I arranged for the bag to be purchased as soon as practically possible.

What's your favourite colour?

I have seen Mini O Bags in all colours and have always admired them from afar. In the flesh as it were this one in orange was perfect and matched the colours of my Brompton bikes perfectly.

The low profile of the Mini O make it a very viable proposition for even longer rides even when windy. This was put to the test this morning. I rode both my M and S type Brompton bikes for about half a mile each with and without the Mini O bag in horrid, windy conditions and discerned no notable difference. (The same can not be said for my C and S bags which act like a wind brake)!

The great thing about the Mini O bag is the ability to fold ones Brompton and have the bag attached. Its small and compact size means that it doesn't get in the way when carrying the bike. It can be used on all of the different Brompton handlebar types. Its dimensions are as follows:

280mm W x 270mm H x 180mm D

Fully folded

Partially folded

The bag has its own frame built in and utilises the front carrier block rather well. It is also a lightweight bag and not that different to my Carridice Super C that sits on the rear rails.

Built in frame

The Brompton Logo

The Mini O has a top flap that opened from the back via two press studs. There are a couple of tabs to aid this. Opening and closing is quick and there is no fumbling around for straps or buckles. The Mini O is waterproof. When I write waterproof I really do mean waterproof. It really doesn't matter how heavy the downpour the contents will remain totally safe and dry.

The main reason I have always wanted a Mini O is because I like the idea of being able to take my Lumix GH3 or other cameras in the front, thus freeing up space for other bits and pieces in my saddlebag. Saying that there is more than enough room to carry just about all I need including the camera.

The frame of the Mini O is rigid and will remain in perfect shape all the time. It is surprising how much one can fit inside its 7 litre capacity.

Another nice touch is a small zipped pocket where I can see wallet, oyster card and some cash going. There us also a useful key fob. It is cleverly thought out and works well.

The bag is supplied with a carrying strap. This is very quickly and easily removed if you don't feel you need it. The bag can be closed with it on and still remains totally waterproof.

The Brompton logo and the piping on the handle are both light reflective and are a good addition for the commuter or when cycling at night.

The ironic thing is that after buying my Lumix GH3 I was going to buy an all black Mini O bag as I wanted something waterproof but didn't really want to carrying it in a backpack. Thank goodness I waited a few days as I would have been devastated at missing the opportunity of buying an orange version!

I am glad the orange version has finally arrived. As far as I am aware the excellent Brompton Junction shop in London is the only place you can get one from? They will be available soon at other stockists but if you want one it would be worthwhile paying them a visit...sooner rather than later.

Waterproof really does mean waterproof!

Link to my Ortlieb cycling backpack review


  1. Nice report, Mr. O.
    I am considering getting a smaller front bag for mine.
    Not using the T-Bag would mean, for me, I have to get a water bottle cage fitted. Not sure about that yet.

    Hope your kitty is feeling better!

    Peace :)

  2. Hi!
    Nice Mini O! As a new Brompton owner, I've been eyeing these myself. My bike is orange too! And was also thinking of the all black or the black/white versions. Now that orange is a reality I wouldn't mind waiting a little longer. I just have a question: can you fit an iPad in there? Standard size iPad, not mini.
    Congrats! It looks really nice!

    1. Hello Laura. Sorry for the delay in replying. Yes the iPad does fit. Bit of a squeeze but it goes in okay. I will post a few pictures for you later on so that you can see what I mean.

    2. Thanks for the reply Mr O.! I just ordered mine at my LBS. I'll have to wait 6 to 8 weeks. Doesn't matter. I'm patient.

  3. Hi

    Thanks for the excellent writeup. I have an orange Brompton too and I am so happy with a matching Mini O. There is, however, a small issue with my bag. When I try to fold or unfold the bike with the bag attached, the knob for the handle bar is always obstructed by the bag. Do you have this issue ?


    1. Yes it does get in the way but I have found that it does still turn.

    2. Si es un poco complicado, pero si se puede aflojar la perilla.
      O si vaz a plegar afloja las dos perillas, pliega la rueda delantera y sueltas el manillar, haz los 2 movimientos en uno.
      Y al desplegar habré el manillar y al mismo tiempo despliega la rueda, cuando esté totalmente desplegada tu bici aprieta las perillas y listo desplegarse con todo y bolsa mini O Bag.


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