Tuesday 28 May 2013

Silly London Buses!

I witnessed a few bus related incidents this morning in the centre of London that yet again did nothing to enhance the reputation of the London bus driver.

I was peddling along quite happily and was overtaken by a couple of cyclists on Boris Bikes and a rather nice looking road bike. The road was narrowed as there were other buses at bus stops and all manner of delivery vans on the left hand side of the road. This meant that traffic was down to a little over a single lane of traffic for a 100m section of the road.

The road bike accelerated into the distance and then slowed to turn right. He put his hand out to indicate that he intended to turn right but had to wait a while as traffic on the opposite side of the road was much busier. He was positioned well and as far to the right of the road as was safe. It was then that something in my opinion particularly stupid took place.

As the bus went past the cyclist turning right and I should point out that it could have passed quite easily, the driver of the bus sounded his horn and instead of proceeding forward, he slowed down and again sounded his horn, almost as if the cyclist was blocking his path - which he wasn't. It was totally unnecessary. The road bike cyclists shrugged and proceeded right.

Further on I saw another bus pull in left to a bus stop and then do the usual thing many bus drivers seem to do which is to turn their indicators immediately on to indicate that they are to turn right. Why do they do that? The bus was at the bus stop for over a minute - indicators blinking right - while passengers got on and off. The two people on Boris Bikes waited behind and not wanted to wait any longer proceeded forward. At this the bus driver had obviously taken on board all his passengers and pulled the bus out quite quickly to the right! The person on the Boris bike wobbled a little and was shaken. Things were not made any better by the bus driver sounding his horn as he accelerated forward.

It would be ridiculous to say that all London bus drivers are all like this but I have to say that having cycled in central London for many years, I am not altogether impressed with many buses that I share the road with whether I be cyclist, motorist, pedestrian or passenger.

It would be good to hear your experiences and if anyone can suggest why many buses pull into a bus stop and then indicate immediately right when they are not going to do so for a while, I would be very interested.


  1. Speaking as a Customer Service Vehicle Pilot (Bus Driver) the situations that you have described are well just plain DUMB bus drivers.

    I personally always try to look a any situation regarding cyclists and make sure there is enough room for me to get around them without having to cut in front of them if possible, else I just hold back and wait for the gap to open up.

    Why those drivers did what they did, only they can answer that, but I have noticed the younger ones like to zoom about alot.

    1. You should be the main instructor for new drivers as your temperament is what is needed by all.


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