Sunday 26 May 2013

New Ricoh GR Test Shots

I took my new Ricoh GR out with me today to take some photos of the family and the English countryside.

Today was a very bright, sunny day and the first thing I would have to report is that the new screen is pretty good when trying to view or compose shots on a day like this.

The new GR also has a build in ND filter which you can set on, off or auto. I set it to auto and it did a good job of allowing me to shoot wide open at f2.8 if I wanted to.

All of the photos below (which I am well aware are probably terrible to the more talented among you) are straight out of the camera with no post processing or tweaking. I think that the GR is able to reproduce the colours as I saw them.

The images are also very sharp. If you own a Mac and use iPhoto there is a zoom slider. When using it to zoom in to a photo the amount of finer detail is quite amazing. You would certainly be able to crop pictures and still retain loads of detail. This makes the in camera 35mm crop function all the more useful.

Today I shot in RAW and JPEG simultaneously. The GR is able to write files to the memory card very quickly and there was no waiting around for this happen.

A word about the RAW files. Most of the time I shoot JPEG's unless I know I might want to tinker around with things. (Not very often). Looking at the files side by side, to my eyes at least the RAW files are gorgeous. Don't get me wrong the JPEG's are as well but the RAW files just look so good. (Ricoh uses DNG for the RAW processing which means that you will be able to edit your files without having to wait for an update for your new camera).

There is much to learn about the Ricoh GR but at the moment I love using it!!

I had to get a B & W shot! 

Lovely bokeh!


  1. Beautiful photos! The camera looks amazing, the colours are very rich and the bokeh is very soft in contrast to the sharp foreground. What is the aperture range on your lens? What lens does the camera have?


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