Saturday 20 April 2013

Time Increase the Effort!

With so many big rides planned in the next few weeks I have decided the time has come to up my training.

Over the past few months I have kept the momentum going to the extent that I felt fine after London to Cambridge to the extent that I was able to complete the demanding London Classic the very next day. In fact to get revenge on having to walk up two of the hills I repeated the London Classic route for a second time - and got up all of the hills!

So a bit like studying for exams I have done a great deal of the prep but now have to keep things going rather than cram at the last possible minute. There is still much to do however.

Next Friday night I will be doing the classic London to Brighton and yes you read right, it will be through the night. I don't really hold too much fear for this ride, even though it means tackling the dreaded Ditchling Beacon! (Just put 'cycling up Ditchling Beacon' into YouTube and you'll get the idea).

Tomorrow morning I hope to be up bright and early and off to Richmond Park. I have written about this location many times. It is by no means my favourite destination but it is demanding and will provide a good training run.

I will take my Titanium Orange Brompton with me tomorrow and travel as light as I possibly can. This is going to be a vital consideration for London to Brighton as well as many of the other rides I have planned.

The Titanium Orange Brompton is working out to be quite brilliant and I love it. For me personally it was worth the premium price.  It has a slightly different rear cog set up 16T / 12T cogs rather than the usual 16T / 13T cogs. This reduction of one tooth in the cog wheel does make a difference - slightly higher top speed but slightly more effort needed to get up hills. I go from loving it to thinking I will change back to 16T / 13T.

It will also allow me to test out the Garmin 810 on loan from Garmin UK. So far I love it. Tomorrow I am going to test out the live tracking. With this I can email anyone with an iPhone or Android and they can then watch my progress in realtime on a map. Amazing stuff.

Anyway, just have to go and check the bike and lay out what I am going to wear and take with me.

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