Thursday 25 April 2013

Packable Lightweight Waterproof / Winpdroof

I have been using my Altura Night Vision waterproof quite happily all through the worst of a British winter. It is an excellent jacket but with summer on its way (hopefully) I have sought out something lighter and altogether more user friendly in terms of the bulk it takes up.

After much research I decided upon a Pearl Izumi Pro Barrier Lite. It was my intention to get the white, almost transparent version but I couldn't steal myself enough to get anything other than the orange version.

The first thing that struck me when I got the small package containing the jacket was how light it seemed. Was the jacket even inside? I knew beforehand that the jacket had a claimed weight of just 73g but actually picking up 73g of jacket felt rather strange. It is incredibly lightweight! The material is similar perhaps to that of a parachute. It does feel quite strong despite its micro thinness.


Full length zip with a zip garage. This can be used for venting.

Elasticated hem and cuffs.

Reflective elements for low-light visibility.

Only 73g.

Takes up virtually no room as it is very packable and can be stowed in a rear pocket with ease.

This jacket isn't going to withstand a heavy thunderstorm but if I was out and about and it started to rain, I can see its uses. Similarly if I was out and the weather was on the chilly side, this jacket would act as a great little windproof.

Recently it was voted the best lightweight cycling jacket by a well thought of cycling magazine and from my first impressions I can see why. I had it with me yesterday evening when it started to rain and it did keep me dry and warm for the two miles left I had to cycle to get home. At between £49 - £69 it isn't cheap but for me it is already worth it for that unbelievable low weight.

Tomorrow night/ Saturday morning I am going on a night ride from London to Brighton. This jacket is definitely coming with me and I am pleased that I managed to get it in time. I suspect this jacket with be with me on many a ride to come!


  1. Hi have two of these (one is a First Ascent - so similar). They are perfect for the mild, but often wet, winters we have in Cape Town. It is light and folds up into a tiny package. I actually keep mine in my backpack when I travel. It has saved my bacon a number of times when the temperature has dropped a little. They are a little pricey, but perfect for cycling and running!

  2. Fits well and is high quality. The jacket is lightweight and breaths well. It is also a nice looking jacket that keeps you dry. I would definitely recommend using alo w4005 .


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