Monday 29 April 2013

IG Nocturne Recce

Yesterday I joined Mark, David and Bob for a short few laps around the circuit of the IG London Nocturne. All of us have entered and fingers crossed we hope to get in and enjoy the excitement of full on racing.

After going on the London to Brighton Mark and I should really have known better, as should David who had spend yesterday in France with his Brompton and Bob who had worked late, than to get up early and partake in this but it seemed like a good idea.

The IG London Nocturne is held at Smithfield Market in June and it is a great day out for participants and spectators alike.

We did a couple of warm up laps and then went to roughly where the start line is located. We rode three for three laps and trying to negotiate taxis, clabbers (unbelievably just leaving said club), traffic and red lights proved a challenge to say the least.

Of course the real thing will be traffic free and the only other thing to worry about is other riders. Despite this it was still a very useful as well as fun.

After this we left Smithfield and went to the brilliant bike shop/restaurant/cafe that is, 'Look Mum No Hands!' It hadn't opened by the time we arrived but the kind manager let us take out bikes into the courtyard.

While in the courtyard we had to wait for the staff to get themselves ready for the rush that would surely start as soon as it opened properly we started to take the odd picture of our bikes. I think Mark suggested that we arrange the bikes into the famous Brompton logo of folded, parked and ready for action.

Not satisfied with this Bob placed his bike on one of the wall antler bike hooks for an arty wall shot.

Standing back we were mightily impressed at the finished results.

'Look Mum No Hands!' is a brilliant little shop and the food was excellent. If you are passing that way you might want to check them out or buy a coffee and chill for a few minutes watching the world go by. It is located at 49, Old Street, London, EC1V 9HX. You can check their website out by clicking here.

You can click on the link below to view the ride data and maps for the limited time we were out for on the Nocturne circuit.
Smithfield Market Ride Data and Maps

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