Monday 8 April 2013

New Orange Leather Hub Shiners!

Many of you read about the hub shine I was given for a limited period to test drive. I really liked it.

Jim Barrett from 'Equestrian and Canine' who mades all manner of saddlery and leather goods send me an updated version - in Orange!

Having recently visited the Brooks factory, opening Jim's letter reminded me of it as the smell of leather was wonderful. Jim has adjusted his design slightly and chosen thinner leather and made the hub gear shiner slightly shorter. I must say that they look great and at the moment work well in polishing the hub as the wheel rotates.

Jim has also made a leather hub shine for the front wheel and this also seems to work really well so far.

It must be pointed out that Jim is not sure whether or not he is going to make these for people to buy in this type of leather. It is early days into my testing and I will let you know how I get on soon.

In fetching Orange

The front hub shine

The rear hub gear shine

You can contact Jim on the email address below if you are interested in these or some of the other Brompton related goodies he makes by hand. At the moment at least I am loving these and swap them between my two Brompton bikes, depending on which I use - a small price to pay I suppose. 

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