Friday 5 April 2013

Nutcase Dutch Orange Cycling Helmet

I have been looking for one of these cycling helmets for ages. In fact about three or four months ago I tried all manner of retail outlets to try and find one but alas failed dismally.

A fellow Bromptonian made the comment that I needed a new helmet and posted a link to a shop I had tried before with no luck. This spurned me on to search again and obviously I found somewhere that sold them.

Nutcase produce a huge range of helmets that are in all sorts of colours and designs. I have always wanted the Dutch Orange version...for obvious reasons.

There are 11 vents to allow your head to breathe and it is light in weight. I also think that it is fairly aerodynamic in design.

These helmets are very strong and conform to all the relevant safety requirements.

The Nutcase helmet is very tough and well made. The chin strap is perhaps the best I have yet to encounter on any cycling helmet to date. It is magnetic and allows one handed closure and opening. This is a brilliant design feature and I cannot understand why other manufacturers haven't got something similar? There is also a soft cover that is Velcro secured over the chin strap to make things more comfortable.

A brilliant fastening!

The inside of the helmet is well padded and putting it on this padding offers an extremely comfortable fit. It is much more comfortable than any of my current cycling helmets.

Well padded and very comfortable!

In the box Nutcase even include several spare pads, some to different thicknesses to accommodate different head sizes and a few spares in case you need to replace any. This is a welcome bonus.

Lots of spare inserts and many different sizes

I love this helmet! It is extremely comfortable, looks good, is lightweight, has a brilliant chin strap and I even love the colour. I cannot wait to use this and think it will get regular use on my adventures!

I paid £49.99 for it but the price does vary. As I have mentioned there are lots and lots of different colours and designs to choose from and if you want to say goodbye to the fairly dull and generic road / MTB helmets and try something different, you might want to a Nutcase a go.

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