Friday 19 April 2013

My Orange Brompton Visits Posh London Hotel

I went to a work conference today. Although it involved a much longer journey than my usual commute, I decided that in order to maintain my unbroken 30 days of cycling I would take my Brompton with me.

Unable to take a change of clothing I was fully suited. Upon arriving outside the rather posh hotel that was hosting the conference I was attending, I folded my Brompton and carried it in. I knew that I would be seated for most of the day and was prepared to simply leave it folded under the table but reception had a different idea...

The very kind gentleman on reception told me where my conference was being held and commented that my Brompton was a particularly fine bicycle and that he was the proud owner of a black P6R. The conversation moved to the subject of what I was going to do with my Brompton for the day? I said that I was just going to keep it under my table. The receptionist simply said, "no" and asked me to follow him.

I followed him along some winding corridors and came to a half wall of metal lockers similar to those you might find at a swimming baths. He opened a locker put my Brompton / cycling helmet inside - which fitted perfectly - closed the door handed me a meaty looking key. Brilliant!

I would love to name the hotel but the receptionist told me that the lockers were for staff and not normally for customers. Brompton owners were an exception.

The conference was all the better for me knowing that my Brompton was safe and sound. The receptionist to my surprise was aware of my blog and is set to join the Brompton Club. Ivan, if you are reading this, you are a gentleman Sir!

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