Sunday 2 September 2012

Updates from Brompton

If you read my two blog entries for the Brompton Factory Ride, you will know that we were given a few clues to possible updates for Brompton bikes in 2013.

One of the most dramatic changes looks to be the brake levers. Now I am aware that the current levers aren't a favourite to many but I haven't had a problem with them. These do look a great deal better and more ergonomic.

The grips have a colour change and I am not sure if the actual material of them has changed.

Another very big change is the chain set. Looks better doesn't it. Again a more modern and efficient design.

The rims get a makeover too and from what I have heard they will be double rimmed.

Looks as if there is a Brompton water bottle and I'm sure it has a clever way of attaching it to ones bike.

Lastly, the toolkit that fits ingeniously inside the tube and can be carried discretely as one rides happily along, looks set to be on sale soon - hopefully! I will probably get one at some point and knowing me not want to use it.

Exciting times. For those of use not upgrading to a new Brompton I am sure that all of these new parts will eventually be available to buy and retrofit - one of the great things about owning a Brompton.


  1. I follow your blog regularly and I think its great.

    Regarding the above changes, will they come in the 2013 Model Brompton that is introduced near the end of the year or will they be introduced in year 2013 for the 2014 model.

    I plan to buy a new brompton and am thinking of waiting for this model to come.

  2. Many thanks. The changes are for the 2013 bikes. I think any bike ordered at the end of November will be the 2013 model.

  3. Nice! I believe that Path Less Pedalled reported that the water bottle holder will be magnetic.

  4. that toolkit looks awesome. brake lever is good too, but the avid ones are probably just better. the rest of it: "meh".

  5. News from Brompton that 2013 models will NOT be available as planned until March 2013 at the earliest. Supplier problems have led to non-availability of the lovely new pattern chainset. As a heavier rider, this was important to me, so Ive cancelled my order. Cash willing, I'll re-order in the new year.

    1. You're right about the chain set but the 2013 model with new brake levers, grips and rims can still be ordered.

  6. I heard a rumour that the 2013 models ordered with the Shimano Hub Dynamo lighting system will have an LED headlight instead of the halogen one that has been standard up to now. Any truth to that?

  7. Supplier problems is a typical brompton excuse..
    Procurement department are lacking direction


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