Thursday 27 September 2012

Hardcore Bromptonians

Regular readers will know that I have referred to a work colleague who rides a Brompton as being hardcore.

He has a single speed titanium with Kojak tyres permanently on all year round. He uses his Brompton for commuting and nothing else. Talk of cycling events such as the Brompton World Championships, Nocturne etc.., have not induced a glimmer of interest.

However, today I commented that at the weekend I would be cycling to Oxford with at least 11 other Brompton riders. For the first time in two years I detected slight interest. He asked a few questions about it but when asked if he wanted to come, he merely told me that his Brompton was merely for commuting. A shame really as Brompton bikes are so much more than that! What do you think?


  1. I use mine for commuting, running errands, getting around town. So much easier to take to different places.

    I do ride other bikes, but they are for different activities.

    Peace :)

  2. He is completely missing the Brompton way of life and I feel sorry for him :/

  3. I think I'm a bit like your colleague, but have 'seen the light' so-to-speak. I'm sure he will be coming along soon.

    When I first got back into cycling in 2010 it was all down to the Brommie, as that was the only practical solution for my commute. For that commute, I usually ride (in cycling clothes) my bog-standard Brommie as fast as I can, clipped in. Its a good workout before and after work, keeps my legs lightly conditioned. Sometimes I will travel (in work clothes) to and from meetings at a more genteel pace. For London, they are brilliant; solid, very dependable, comfortable, stable, serious bikes. If I lived in London it would probably be the only bike I'd have.

    Nearly every weekend I ride a light road bike with a cycling club - much faster - 18-19 mph average, 60-70 miles in the Oxfordshire countryside including at least one hill like Sunday's. Five to six times a year I do something like a 100 mile sportive. But you can't really drink in the atmosphere of a place at that sort of speed. Other people MTB or BMX, yet others tour longer distances at a slower pace.. Cycling has many aspects. Outside of Town,the Brommie makes me slow down and take in what I am cycling through. For that reason its for far more than 'just commuting'.

  4. I mostly commute with mine, but I do use it for running errands once in a while. I can't wait to run in the US Brompton Champinships next year though (hopefully). I may also run mine in a local 100 mile race with the big boys, just for giggles.


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