Thursday 27 September 2012

iPhone 5

I am an Apple geek. Apple fan boy. Whatever Apple moniker you care to throw at me, I am it.

Owning an iPhone 4 I bypassed the updated 4S and waited like many for whatever came next. Last Friday after work I ventured to the Apple Store in Regents Street with no intention of buying one - getting there after work would mean they'd all be sold out, which they were. I just wanted to have a look at one in the flesh and be part of the buzz.

I can report that it looked amazing and having quite a few pounds worth of Apple vouchers I decided that I'd try and get one at some point.

Somehow I ended up at Brent Cross an hour later for something totally unconnected. Somehow within 25 minutes of arriving at Brent Cross, I ended up standing at the front of a queue outside the Apple Store there! Somehow within 15 minutes of standing in that queue I came out of said shop with my new iPhone 5!

I was very happy and excited but didn't have a nano sim to put inside it. (Nano sim being even smaller than the micro sim in the iPhone 4). A trip to a Vodafone shop and I had my number transferred and I was set up and ready to go.

I opted for the slate black version. First thing I noticed wash the weight. It is substantially lighter. Next was the size of the screen. An extra row of icons can now be fitted on to the screen. In short it is gorgeous and the brightness and colours have had a little tweaking. Once I started to use the phone, all appeared faster and more agile. Web pages on 3G or wifi rendered very, very quickly and side by side with my iPhone 4 it was noticeably faster. Battery life is also much, much better.

Having had the phone for almost a week it had been a constant companion and incredibly useful. The camera/video camera is excellent and the new panoramic feature on the camera is a welcome addition.

I did not have Siri on my old iPhone and was never that impressed with it. On the iPhone 5 it is excellent and usable. So much so, this blog entry is being entirely written using Siri, punctuation and all!

I suspect another iPhone will be out next year but I'm sure this will serve me well for quite a few. My next update might be the iPhone 7S as this one is damned good.

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  1. I will be curious to learn about your iPhone 5 experience.
    I have the 4s and am happy with it.
    Enjoy the new toy!
    Peace :)

  2. I got mine delivered to me the day it came out. The camera is a big step up from the iPhone 4 that I used to have, especially in speed. I'm also very glad to bump up my memory to 64 GB... I was maxed out at 32GB.

    Basically everything is faster, slimmer, lighter, better. No new "gotta have" feature, which is ok by me. Actually, Siri is new to me and it works pretty well so far. I do hope that they fix Maps fast though.


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