Sunday 23 September 2012

Getting ready for Richmond to Oxford

Next Saturday I will be cycling to Oxford on my Orange Brompton with other Brompton owners. This is something I am greatly looking forward to and it should be a brilliant day out.

It will be almost overcoming the demons of the past as regular readers will undoubtedly be aware that the last time I attempted this journey - albeit the other way Oxford to London I came a cropper. A combination of being in a rush, naivety, stupidity and only having a Mars bar for breakfast, at about 35 miles I was going to faint like a lady from a Jane Austin novel!

I will not be making the same mistake! Since then I have been pretty good about fuelling up before big rides or rides I know will be demanding. I am also hoping that the training I have put in will also help. I am definitely fitter, that is for sure and this time it will be great to have another 11 Brompton riders with me. 

I will try and get lots of pics and some video footage - especially of Brompton bikes in a peleton. Just imagine that!

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