Sunday 23 September 2012

On a Brompton on the rain.

Well, the summer - what we've had of it has well and truly gone. It I'd raining heavily and tomorrow will be the start of the commute in rain.

I don't really mind rain. As a child I was conditioned by my mum to actually like it. In our family the rain stopped nothing and we ventured out in it regardless. This has transferred to me and I view the rain with a mix of nostalgia, stoicism and optimism.

It would be true to say that I really like rain I know that's a very stupid thing to say for many of you out there, but I do. I also feel much better prepared for wet weather this year.

The great thing about riding a Brompton is it just makes you feel better. (I'm beginning to sound like one of those Apple adverts for the new iPhone 5.

So, if you don't normally ride your bicycle in the wet I suggest you give it a go, you might feel better about it than you think.


  1. Hi! Came across this great little blog by chance as I was searching for "how to commute to work on a brompton in the rain..."

    And it is there I have the problem. I want to commute part of my journey tomorrow but am a bit worried about to turning up to work with either a) a crinkly/damp shirt or b) a crinkly shirt that's been in my bag during the commute... advice please??

  2. Many thanks for your comment. I have posted another blog entry to help with your question. Sorry that it was a day late and I hope that you got to work okay.


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