Wednesday 2 June 2021

Only in London - viewed from a Brompton

I would imagine that if you live in any major city you could probably utter the phrase, 'only in _____!' inserting your chosen city in the blank. The other day as I sat at a set of traffic lights in SW7 with the sun shining I did say this under my breath.

The scene that greeted me was a cyclist on a bicycle - not a Brompton I hasten to add - cycling slowly while on the phone, chatting away. He was hooted by a taxi driver who had himself been using a phone and still had it to his ear. Now what follows was staggering. Said taxi driver sounded his horn, had his windows down and was shouting out to the chap on the bicycle that he shouldn't be using his phone. The irony and hypocrisy did not go unnoticed by the cyclists, who told him to go away swiftly. (I have cleaned that up as I am sure you can imagine)! 

They continued their argument as the lights turned green and I sauntered off, enjoying the sunshine saying 'only in London' as I turned into Hyde Park.  

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