Thursday 3 June 2021

Zombies on hire bikes

I recently met an old Bromptonian friend at Hyde Park Corner to deliver a bag they had bought from me. It has been a while since I cycled through Hyde Park in 'rush hour' and the the scene before me I likened to the the horrors of watching 'Army of the Dead.' (Have you seen that yet?!

Hire bikes are great. They are fairly inexpensive and  allow participants to ride a bike in London and when they get fed up with it or have reached their intended destination they simply dock it and go. 

With the sun out, the crowds were out too in and around Hyde Park. This was such a lovely sight after countless journeys during lockdown where I was literally one of possibly three other people! However, there was a little bit of an issue.

The route from Marble Arch to Hyde Park Corner is a little but like an A road during rush hour. You have cyclists of all types on all manner of bicycles getting from point to point. Added into the mix are quite a few hire bike users - many novices - who weave all around with little purpose or awareness - hence my zombie analogy.  

On this particular evening there were plenty of zombie types on these bikes as they weaved, wobbled, fell off, stopped without warning and attempted to perform a wheelie, and then fall off. It certainly kept one on the edge! In addition to this there were countless people on electric scooters and one person on a hire bike with their electric scooter being carried. 

Stay safe out there people!!

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