Thursday 3 June 2021

Brompton X Team GB Special Edition bike

If you subscribe to Brompton updates - and you really should - that and other forms of social media were all awash with a rather special edition bike. 

The bike in question is as the title of this blog suggests is the 'Brompton X Team GB Special Edition.' Limited to 2020 worldwide, it features a rather tasty red lacquer, gloss white and blue extremities. It also come with a Team GB Brooks C17 saddle and Team BG Lion graphic bag. (These are also in the shop to buy now, if still available). In addition there are three Dashel Team GB helmets - red, white and blue. 

I would imagine that this is going to sell out rather quickly, so if it is your thing, don't wait too long. For my money that red lacquer is lovely and should one day appear as a colour option. 

I suppose the big question is whether the Olympic Games will be held at all? I hope so. Link to the Brompton website where this is all explained below.

Stay safe out there people!!

Click here for the Brompton X Team GB page


  1. Sold out. But available on eBay for £3.5k. £3.5k for an Olympic paint job. Lolz. The cult grows

    1. But will they sell them... they can ask whatever price they want but it doesn’t mean that anybody would pay it... What is a fair markup without exploiting people or is any price ok in a free market??


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