Monday 7 June 2021

No! You can’t have a go on my Brompton!

I think I have been in this territory before but in the past couple of weeks a few people - please mentally prepare yourselves - have asked if they could have a go on my Brompton! Can you imagine!?

Believe me when I tell you that I sing the praises of all things Brompton pretty much whenever the needs arises. I do however draw the line somewhere! 

My first encounter was a middle aged gentleman on Mortlake High Street who told me he was toying with the idea of getting one. He hinted heavily that he would like a go to see if he liked it…on my bike. Needless to say he was left disappointed and possibly broken on several levels. 

The second was worse! This person was an existing Brompton user, on their own Brompton and spying I had my Orange Titanium with me. He was more obvious that my first encounter and asked outright whether he could ‘have a spin to see what the fuss is about?’ Needless to say, he was left disappointed! 

So, if you ever see me, please say hello (many of you in London do) but don’t ask if you can have a go on my Brompton…ever!!

Stay safe out there people!! 


  1. While I wouldn't let a total stranger, and certain people I know, I'm possibly not quite that precious, although, doesn't stop me getting nervous when someone has a go. After having an accident and breaking a few ribs a couple of weeks before the Urban Hill Climb, I managed to persuade a mate from work, that'd been renting Bromptons, to take my place at the race, on my bike (as it'd be a lot lighter than the rentals). When he came to pick it up a couple of days before the race, I didn't quite realise how much it'd be like giving away a child. While I fully trusted this guy, it was still a bit of a moment watching him ride away, knowing I now definitely wouldn't be riding for a at least another week. Totally proud of his effort on the hill too. Was only his 2nd time up it, and don't think I've seen anyone quite so broken at the top! But the rest of time he had it, he didn't ride it as was worried himself about anything happening.


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