Wednesday 9 June 2021

You want me to do what?

I have always said that this blog is pretty much an online dairy for myself. That is all I have ever wanted for it and as far as I am concerned, it has worked well. Over  the years I have build up a loyal following and occasionally - when I can be bothered to do it - several rather lovely people have sent me the odd cycling or Brompton related item to write about on here. Over the weekend, I received a rather strange request that when I questioned, got even stranger. 

It seems that a fairly new Brompton user has not only bought the bike they have set up their own  video channel. What they wanted me to do, was to take their Brompton (as it isn't Orange but black) and use it for one of my night rides to the coast. The reason why they could not do this themselves is that they have only ever cycled up to 12 miles and didn't have the time to ride through the night. 

Just to be clear I corresponded with this person to find out more - more in disbelief than anything else - and they wanted me take some photos of their bike at various parts of the ride and also video. For this they would let me borrow their GoPro. They then wanted me to hand over the photos and their GoPro so that they could use it for a video, claiming they had done the ride themselves. Oh, and I was not to tell anyone, so as not to give the game away.  Can you guess my reply?

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Certainly and interesting request, my response would be the same - some connotation of 'no thank you' with other words replacing 'thank you' in that sentence.

    I'd guess the desire for content is backed by attracting more visitors to the channel, and therefore more advertising clicks and revenue generating - selling it as something its not...ho hum...

  2. thanks but no thanks would have been my reply. strange as the request might seem, my guess is, if their idol (you:) used the bike it would give it some form of stamina??

    1. Hello Brother. I don't think that they wanted any involvement from me. apart from the photos and videos - which wouldn't have me in them.

  3. Very strange request indeed. Why not blog about their adventure into building up their mileage and fitness to be able to do a long ride themselves. That would be a good read and probably generate more clicks in the long run.

    Humans are a strange breed.

    Bee safe…. 🐝


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