Friday 18 June 2021

Brompton bikes, far too good for wet weather!

It has been said that the English are obsessed about the weather. Sit on any bus, train carriage or simply line up in a queue and the subject of the the weather - the universal ice-breaker here in England - will probably be the opening line for many. 

I have four weather apps on my iPhone that are consulted frequently, especially when there is a cycle ride on the cards, and I refer to them a few days beforehand to see what they say. My usual default position however is to stick my head out of the door moments before going outside to make my own judgement. 

Almost exclusively I use one of my two Brompton bicycles for pretty much all my cycling. I do own a couple of road bikes, one of which is a rather fine Condor, steel Fratello Disc. If raining or going to rain I take my Orange Black Special Edition. I just don't want to get my Orange Titanium dirty I suppose. If going out for a quick spin somewhere and I know the weather is going to be bad, I would opt to take one of my two road bikes instead. I suppose that I hold my Brompton bikes much higher up in the pecking order!

As I type this, outside the rain is hammering down here in London and I do need to nip out for a quick errand. I can assure you,  I won't be using one of my Brompton bicycles! How telling that I would be more likely to use my Condor instead!

What do you think? Are any of you out there the same as me?

Stay safe out there people!!

Far too good for wet weather!!


  1. I've only had the choice in the last year or so, and I'd have to go with 'it depends'. Brompton is far more convenient if I have to pick anything up that doesn't fit in pockets or 9l seatbag, plus the mudguards are less a temporary thing, but I do miss disc brakes in the wet when on the Brommie. I'm going to have to clean the drivetrain and stuff anyway. Front luggage just makes Brompton far too convenient for errands involving carrying stuff.

  2. My Orange P6 is pushing 14yrs this summer. It’s never been out in the rain.

  3. in the summer i use my two ti:s, but for winter i turn to a black beater, a 90s t5 converted to 44/305. it goes regardless of slushy salty snowy icy conditions. it is helped by a longer mudguard flap for the front wheel almost down to the ground, and a snow deflektor at the right side of the rear wheel which together with a bigger spocket helps keeping ice blocking up the mechanism. to compensate; a 57t chainring.

    have found cool stop salmon give good breaking performance also under such conditions, and less wear of the rims. they need to be renewed every three years or so regardless. have been thinking of converting to disc brakes, but recently found rims with sturdier goods that might prolong their service life. being anodized red they add some bling to the old machine:)

  4. Yes indeed! I have an old Brompton for the beach roads and estuary path near my house which are sandy and salty after high tides. Recently I bought an immaculate Brompton Brazen from eBay, that bike will never get wet!! Then there's the general use Brompton. I'm not materialistic in any other way, but when it comes to my Bromptons...........!


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