Wednesday 12 May 2021

Top ten Brompton rider types. Which are you?

There are lots of reasons why people buy a Brompton bicycle and the type of person who buys one produces an equally long list. Over the years I have encountered many types of Brompton rider and by the end of this blog post, I ask you to consider the question...which type are you?

#1. The commuter.

The sort of person in this category buys a Brompton purely and simply as personal transport. It lessons the journey to the station and to their place of work. They can, in good weather, decide to cycle all the way there and back again but that is as far as they go. At other times, their Brompton is folded and stored away.

#2. The spatially challenged. 

For this rider, the fact a Brompton takes up little space is the number one reason for buying a Brompton. They might have a small flat, room or one of those people who have a caravan and buy a Brompton in case they need to explore - or nip to the camp site shops for a pint of milk. 

#3. The controlled extrovert.

This person buys a Brompton as they know that even in a city where there are literally thousands of them, they will still stand out, and by nature of those little wheels, garner some attention. They may even match the colour of their outfit to that of their Brompton. I have to say that I know this sort of rider rather well. 

#4. The hipster 

But a step away from #3. the poser buys a Brompton as it is the hip thing and the accessory those on trend must have. There will be no lycra or cycling specific clothing for this rider. They will wear their finest as they cycle around the fashionable parts of the city they live in. They be easily spotted as they sip a latte, the coffee beans of which have moments before just arrived from South America, outside an independent coffee establishment, using an iPad, fountain pen and leather bound notebook. 

#5. The engineer.

This person buys a Brompton as it is a bike with some engineering and design prowess. They appreciated the design, how it folds and  how each component part works in unison.

#6. The racer.

This rider may well have a road bike or not at all, but they take great pleasure in taking as many scalps of roadies (or any other cyclist) as they can.

#7. The adventurer.

You will find this Brompton user taking their bike on quite long distances. Rides to the coast, the Dunwich Dynamo, the odd audax and sportives that are normally the preserve of bigger wheeled bicycles.

#8. The day tripper. 

Perhaps a shorter distance Brompton user than #7 this rider takes their Brompton out and about exploring their local area and beyond. Usually part of this ride involves some sort of refreshment stop.

#9. The club rider.

There is a whole ecosystem build around the Brompton. It seems that wherever there are Brompton riders, there are Brompton clubs. This rider loves cycling with other Brompton users and the more the merrier! Ain addition, taking photos is VERY important! 

#10. The multitasker 

This rider dips their toes into some of the above as and when it suits them. Commuter by day, adventurer and club rider at the weekend. 

So, which number fits you the best? Do you know anyone who fits the bill for a particular number? Let me know in the comments. 

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. I am a mix: #1, #7, #8 and #9. ;)

  2. I’m mostly #10 for now. A mix of the above but the racer and club rider (there’s no Brompton club here in Vancouver). And hopefully soon to be the missing #11... a Brompton traveller. Btw, I really enjoy reading about your adventures.

  3. I'm #1, #5, #8 and possibly #11

    #11. The exerciser

    This rider gets out every morning to hit the road as fast as possible to get back home before work starts. Always tracking the ride on apps to see if the 'average speed' can be increased.

  4. i bought it and use it for commuting via train, but soon came to use it for all thinkable everyday uses. best asset there is it doesnt have to be locked outside, soon to be stolen. bring it into the interview, cinema, restaurant or whatever.

    and for fun on some club rides among racers. they dont say too much while i am there, but tales go around that i get to hear afterwards:)

  5. I’m very sure am very #1 and also #10. :)


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