Monday 24 May 2021

Brompton bike in stock, out of stock!

I do feel sad for the poor people that want a Brompton, have been waiting for one, see one in stock only for it to sell out on seconds. It seems to be a thing at the moment. 

Over the weekend the Brompton website, according to a loyal reader, had a few in stock but they went almost immediately. Another reader has highlighted the other bitter pill many of you out there are having to swallow. You order a Brompton from your bike shop, told they have a delivery in a few weeks, only to be told it isn't happening. 

I cannot really offer any pearls of wisdom, other than try and be patient and hope that when things get better with the 'C' word situation, the availability of Brompton bikes might improve. If you want a bicycle now - especially as better weather is surely on its way - you might have to compromise and get something different to tide you over. I would however say that you don't forget the idea of buying a Brompton. Once you have one, all frustrations of waiting will disappear. 

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Hello Mr O. Enjoying reading your posts and hope you are able to ride this BH weekend. I was one of the fortunate ones and managed to buy a S6L from the Brompton website last Saturday. At the moment it seems that all the retail stockists aren't getting any stock with some websites I saw saying June July for due dates of new stock. With Brompton though it seems that you have to buy with their lights and so called standard variants also shipping with the Canbrium C17 whether you want to pay for it or not. I decided I'd pay the premium but only because I really want a Brompton for its fold and because I'd had enough of waiting after my failed order a few weeks ago. Interesting to note that Ben Foster the professional footballer posted a YouTube video a few days ago where he went to the BroNoton factory. They are busy building 750 special editions for the Olympic GB athletes. Unknown that there is kudos with all this publicity but with the paucity of stock I do wonder where Bromptons priorities lie. I also read the FT article about Brompton and how they think there will be another price increase this year and Will Butler-Adams didn't seem that concerned and reckoned people will still splash out for his product. I do hope they don't become complacent and arrogant just because they have such a good product. Hoepfully they can get more bikes out for all those who would like to buy one and not just electric ones. Anyway, looking forward to my bike arriving! Wish you a great weekend and stay safe!

    1. Great news and do let me know how you get on when it arrives.

  2. I also had an Orange Brompton until last Thursday when I parked it, together with my wife's blue Brompton, in the bike rack outside Tate Britain. Both secured together and to the rack with two Arbus d locks. We came out two hours later to find the d locks cut apart and no Brampton's.
    After reporting it to Tate Britain security and to the police we got into a Uber and went to "Mike the Bike" at Phoenix Cycles in Battersea. Mike has looked after our bikes for the last few years.
    He confirmed what most of you know; very short stocks everywhere. He could have ordered us replacements for late July delivery. Other than electric he had nothing suitable in stock.
    We returned to our boat in St Katherine's Dock where we are staying for five weeks and I spent the rest of the day sulking!
    We need the bikes for transport, shopping etc.
    On Friday we decided to go electric; Phoenix had one in stock to meet our requirements and Condor Cycles also had one. By the end of Friday we were mobile again.
    One week on we are thrilled with the electric versions; however we are paranoid about leaving them anywhere. Our other problem is bag size for shopping etc; we are desperate for rear racks. If anyone knows where there are two in stock i would love to know.
    There is nothing good about any theft; however my wife notified our insurers last Friday morning, with serial numbers, replacement cost of like for like replacements ( not electric) and sent images of the cut locks. They confirmed today that they have agreed payment and the money will be in our account with in five days.
    Mr Orange, please keep on blogging.

    1. Ouch!!! That is terrible. Definitely a shame you are unable to order - more or less - direct replacements. Great that the insurers are coughing up. Enjoy the new bikes - and don't leave them unattended!!!


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