Sunday 23 May 2021

New Brooks Ergonomic Rubber Grips

I had a voucher expiring from a well know bike shop and didn't really see anything I wanted but did see that they stocked the new Brooks Ergonomic Rubber Grips. As you cannot get these directly from Brooks as they are still temporarily suspending all new orders from the UK, I took the plunge. 

These grips are nothing that new and reminded me of the many grips I have had over the years by Ergon. However, they do seem to be a great deal lighter, a little more compact and the rubber is both forgiving and grippy. They remind me of the material on my Brooks C19 - which isn't a bad thing.

Fitting them is easy enough and the aluminium clamp is very secure. The Brooks end plugs are better than the others I have had and also made from aluminium. The overall vibe is fairly understated. 

In use I have found them to be very good and having large hands I have had little issue in finding a very comfortable sweet spot to rest my hands. The rubber does help to dampen vibrations, more-so than the leather versions I have. The best bit is the price. They retail for £40 but shop around and you can get them for a little less. I have them currently on my Titanium Orange Brompton and they look pretty much at home. I am sure that they will make things that bit more comfortable. 

Stay safe out there people. 


  1. Hello, May I ask if these are the 130mm ones? Many thanks

  2. Hi. Do you know if the end plugs are removable (to accommodate bar-end mirrors, for example)?


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