Friday 7 May 2021

Plenty of Brompton bicycles available - if you want a Brompton Electric

Lots of people have emailed me about not only when the Brompton bike builder will be back but when they can actually buy a Brompton? Well, you know as much as I do.

It seems that the only Brompton bicycles out there at the moment seem to be Brompton Electric versions and for many, this is not what they want to buy. In a recent article in the Financial Times the MD of Brompton has warned of extra costs due in part to extra costs from aluminium shortages, the higher cost of steel and increased shipping costs and Brexit. Perhaps this - the the huge demand - is a factor in the shortages?

I do think that Brompton need to do something to get more bikes out there as I know of 3x people who, fed up waiting, waiting lists and the scrabble for a new Brompton that a shop may or may not have, is all a bridge too far. Two have bought bikes by Dahon and one has bought a Birdy. They do not regret their choices and I doubt they will knock on the door of Brompton anytime soon - if at all. 

You can have the best product in the world (and let's face it, as far as folding bikes go, it is the Brompton) but if you can't buy it within a reasonable timescale, you will probably walk and go elsewhere. I just hope Brompton can do something about this and the increasing cost of a Brompton.

Stay safe out there people. 


  1. Hello there. Firstly, thanks for sharing your experiences with your Bromptons through your blog which I enjoy following. Your latest about the availability of a non electric Brompton is very true. I have just had a disappointing experience of trying to buy a Brompton. Non existent stick at dealers and I didn't want to go with the likes of Evans Cycles. Finally ordered a M6L that was in stock from a more reputable chain 6 weeks ago. Was then told the derailleur jockey wheel was faulty. Replacement part would be 4 weeks wait! Wasn't happy about that but shop said a S6R was due in 2 weeks so swapped order for that. 2 weeks came and went then had 2 more dates which came and went. This due to Brompton not delivering. Last week they received it. Unfortunately the courier then allegedly lost the bike on its way to me. The shop decided to refund me so whilst at least I have my money back, I can't even find a Brompton I want to buy! Not unless I pay over the odds on eBay from somebody who has bought up loads of stock at the beginning of the year and now selling at ridiculous prices. Your mentioning that prices may go up due to supply issues doesn't sound great either. :(

  2. I hope that you are eventually able to get one. I keep saying they are worth the wait but sadly I think many people - quite rightly - might just move on to something else if they need a bike.

  3. I hope so too. Hoping that stock will appear in the configuration I want. May even find the 2021 black editions finally appear. The small folded size is what I need so the Brompton beats all the other options! I was a bit upset after all the excitement of ordering one and then after 6 weeks back to square one but there are a lot worse things going on! Anyway, thanks again for your interesting articles and for your comments!

    1. I feel your pain. It is was bad enough waiting for one to arrive after ordering well before the 'C' word took hold. Fingers crossed it will get better.


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