Monday 10 May 2021

New chain and sprockets for my Orange, Black Special Edition

Once the worst of the winter/Spring is over (here in London it does seem that even thought we have entered the month of May, winter/spring has yet to release its grip) I replace the chain and sprockets on my Brompton bikes. 

I already did this for my Titanium Orange Brompton a few weeks ago and it was the turn recently of my Orange, Black Special Edition. This a very easy and quick job for me now but I do remember when I first got my Brompton I did not know how to take a wheel off, let alone repair a puncture. Thankfully, I am now able to carry out most servicing on my beloved bikes myself. 

Having given my bike a test run afterwards, all was good and the bike felt that bit better. It is now match fit for a few adventures that are starting to appear out of the long shadow cast by the dreaded 'C' word. 

The more eagle eyed amongst you will remember that the posh mug you see below was one I 'acquired' from visiting a friend during lockdown. They kindly offered me a cup of tea while I stood on the path to their house. Later that Christmas, a few boxes of these were given as presents by the same friend. Who says crime doesn't pay!

Stay safe out there people!! 

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