Monday 3 May 2021

Neglecting big wheels in favour of my Brompton bikes

I own two big wheeled bikes. One is a Condor Fratello and the other is a go anywhere, Surly Disc Trucker. While I do like both of these, they haven't really got a look in...I cannot actually remember when. This is all to do with owning two Brompton bikes. 

When I first got my big wheeled bikes I really did enjoy them and if honest it was a case of the new toy in the toy box. Once the novelty wore off, I found myself on one of my big wheeled bikes wishing I had of taken a Brompton instead. That feeling didn't and hasn't gone away. I now find myself not even things a second thought and the only decision I make, it what Brompton do I take today? 

For the moment at least I cannot really see this changing anytime soon. I always find myself happier on one of my Brompton bikes. Those of you with big wheels in addition to small wheels, what do you think?

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. i hardly use my lovely pinarello road bike from the 90s, a shame really.

    arent your big-wheeled bikes somewhat similar to each other? if one of them was optimised for fatter supple tyres that might be something to keep for unpaved roads.

    for touring on paved roads i would actually opt for brompton? a backpack standing on the rear rack its top strapped to the seat works fine, and be a great combo for combined travel. and not ever a problem bringit it into a restaurant or hotel room:)


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