Saturday 22 May 2021

Probably for the best I couldn't make the ride yesterday!

All week I was looking forward to the night ride to Maldon - which isn't quite to the coast but we won't get hung up on that. Sadly, due to unforeseen circumstances, there was no way I could attend and I had to send my apologies.

The rain that was forecast - and believe me fell - did not bother me and I had a main waterproof and secondary jacket ready and waiting. It appears that on the ride there were at least 3x punctures to deal with, one of which took a greta deal of time. A pothole caused a bit of a tumble for at least one poor rider (they are okay) and the entire group sadly abandoned the ride at the halfway point which was just 39 miles in. 

I am sure that participants still enjoyed the ride and will dine out on the experience for days if not weeks to come. As for me, I do feel more than a little deprived and was not pleased at missing the ride - even if it was cut short. 

Fingers crossed I will be on a night ride to the coast this Friday coming and the weather forecast - if you pay attention to such things - is predicting much more favourable cycling conditions. So, after I have pressed 'publish' I am going to get my Titanium Orange Brompton on the stand and give it a good clean in preparation. 

Stay safe out there people!!

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