Sunday 4 October 2020

Rain and lots of it on a Brompton

The last few days has seen lots and lots of rain. It almost seemed as thought there was a constant supply of it all of Friday, yesterday and today!

I did venture out on one of my Brompton bicycles - the Orange Black Special Edition - and got soaked when I travelled from one end of Hyde Park to another. 

I now have the full sized Borough front bag in addition to its smaller relative and I have to report that it is quite brilliant. I write a post on my thoughts at some point in the near future. I was able to transport all my belongings - some of which were electronic - safely and with confidence, knowing all would be kept dry. 

London still seems to be pretty quiet - especially true the further you travel into to central London - and the rule of six still applies to any social cycle rides. 

I did travel to a rather special location that is just over 4 miles from the Royal Albert Hall and took about 20 minutes to get there on my Brompton. When I took this photo is was rather hard to believe that I was in London and not somewhere in the countryside somewhere. If you want to try and guess where this location is please leave a comment.

Stay safe out there people!! 

Guess where this is?


  1. Did you get the standard large bag, or the waterproof version?

    1. The waterproof version. I did a mini-review of the small Borough a few weeks back - the bigger one is the same colour.

    2. Nice! Waterproof, but a little eye-wateringly expensive.
      I'd be interested in your comparison with the original T-Bag. I just changed to T-bars and not sure I'm riding outside enough at the moment to justify the fully waterproof version, over the standard large with rain cover. Had pretty good success with that in horrendous conditions with the original T-bag, but very tempted with fully waterproof version.

    3. Luckily I got it for a good price ;) I have a T-bag too - which I really like. I will use it a little longer before I post something about it.

  2. Regent's canal on the way to the factory?

  3. The London Wetlands Centre in Barnes?
    It would be a topical location, given the recent amount of rain!

    1. Well done! If there were a prize you would have won it. There are bike facilities there but I have a friend who lives in on of the houses that backs on to it, so I left it in complete safety.


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