Monday 5 October 2020

No, I don't want to sell my Brompton

Cycling in London can leave you feeling, only in London. I am sure that this is true of several cities across the globe. An encounter this evening left me with this feeling.

A quick errand which didn't require the car, would take too long on foot was better served by an orange Brompton. On my way back - and yes I managed to avoid the rain - a pedestrian came over to me while stopped at some traffic lights to enquire whether or not my Brompton was for sale. Politely, I informed them that it was not. This did not deter them and they asked again and whether I knew anyone who was selling one. I advised them to try a well known online auction site. 

Thinking our encounter was at an end and willing the traffic lights to turn green they asked what I would sell my bike for if it were for sale. By this time was all but done with niceties and couldn't really be bothered with them any more. As I pedalled on I shouted back that they should google it. Only in London!

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. Oh well, I suppose in some places you’d have been mugged for it. Anyway, I’m quite glad I don’t live in London. On the other hand, it would be nice to know a few others with a Brompton for outings.


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