Wednesday 21 October 2020

Orange becomes a stock colour

Back in the day, if you wanted an orange Brompton you had to pay extra. For reasons only know to Brompton HQ, orange was discontinued. It then became a Special, Black Edition, colour and then back to one you paid extra for. It seems that it is now a stock colour. 

Of course, for the moment at least, trying to get hold of any Brompton - if you are in the market for one - is not an easy task. It is a case of best of luck trying to find an Orange one!

There are now lots and lots of orange Brompton bicycles out there but the strange thing is that in certain parts of London I occasionally get the odd person asking me if I am Mr Orange. The label on the bike sort of answers their question I suppose. 

One day I will write about why the colour orange is so important to me but as yet I don't think I have revealed this to even my closest Brompton cycling buddies. 

I am hoping to get out and about on one of my beloved Orange Brompton bikes much more next week and already I look forward to that prospect.

Just a word of thanks to those of you who left a comment on my last blog post and to the many more fo you who sent me an email. Really appreciate it!

Stay safe out there people!


  1. Good blog as usual! I gave my white M3L to my son at the start of Lockdown as a frontliner... and he has become a committed it's not all bad news...Any hints on buying a new one? All stores are sold out and the website is useless...even went to one St Albans on Fri and it had closed for business. V sad and surprising... I hear Halfords now has the franchise so gawd'elp us...

  2. About 5 years ago, back when it was possible to commute unrestricted into London by train (just imagine...), I was chatting to a commuter at my local Sussex station who had an orange M6L to whom I’d shown my iPhone wallpaper of my orange H6R, and he asked “Are you Mr Orange Brompton?” To which I replied “No, he lives in London”.


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