Saturday 10 October 2020

Euston Road cycle lane to be removed

The Euston Road in London isn't the most pleasant of avenues at the best of times but it was made much better for London's cyclists by the addition of a pop-up cycle lane. Sadly, it looks as if this is set to go.

During lockdown lots of pop-up cycle lanes appeared as many wanted an alternative to the car, bus and tube. I think they are great but as the numbers of people using cars increases they might well be removed one by one - if not several at a time.

I have always avoided Euston Road as it is horrid to use on a bike however even I used it a few times purely because of the cycle lane.

These pop-up lanes were of course meant to be temporary and I think this one would have gone anyway next year due to work being carried out on the new HS2 railway line.

It is of course a shame and I just hope that they do not get rid of the cycle lane on Park Lane anytime soon...

Stay safe out there people!!

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